(Solved): Visual Representation

For this project, you will create a visual representation of a character, symbol, or theme. Visual representations may be collages, posters, drawings, photographs, wordless, videos, comic strips,or whatever medium you believe accurately embodies the message you intend to deliver about the text. Simply supplying a single image from the internet or clip art is not sufficient. You must think critically and put effort into your work. Your project will be your interpretation of an important segment of the text. Think about the what you visualized as you were reading. The class should be able to view your project and offer analysis and commentary. Your visual must be accompanied by a one page essay explaining your artistic choices and their connections to the text. Both your analysis and visual representation will be graded, so try your best. This assignment requires an IN CLASS submission for visuals that cannot be posted to Canvas. Essays must be typed. Questions for consideration: Why did you chose the particular visual? What passages inspired your visual? What theme, symbol or characterization is being represented?

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