(Solved): Writing for audience (choosing 3 topics)


(Solved): Writing for audience (choosing 3 topics)

All of the articles below discuss the same topic, but they are addressed to different kinds of readers. Divide them into three categories: 1. Written for a general audience, 2. Written for readers with a greater level of involvement (because of a special interest in the subject, a higher degree of relevant education, or other reasons), or 3. Written for a highly knowledgeable audience. ” Scientists reveal secret of a cat’s lap” by Alan Boyle ” The Physics of How Cats Drink” by Denise Brehm ” Pet Physics: The Uncanny Lapping of Cats” by Geoff Brumfiel ” How dogs lap: ingestion and intraoral transport in Canis familiaris” by A. W. Crompton and Catherine Musinsky ” Cat Lap: Engineers Unravel the Mystery of How Felines Drink” by John Matson ” Cats and dogs use same technique to lap up liquid” by Rebecca Morelle ” How Cats Lap: Water Uptake by Felis catus” by Pedro M. Reis, Sunghwan Jung, Jeffrey M. Aristoff, and Roman Stocker “The Science of Cat Lapping: A Big Gulp With a Tiny Touch of the Tongue” by Nicholas Wade (requires Newman library access) In the discussion forum (link follows), post your three lists. Please include both author and title. Then describe what specific aspects of the articles indicate to you that it is for a particular readership. You can consider vocabulary, the length and structure of sentences, the “tone” of the writing, or any other qualities of the articles that you found relevant. Pay special attention to the style of articles “written for readers with a greater level of involvement” because that is how you should regard your audience, your supervisor.

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