(Solved): Writing an essay of least 1,250 words addressing an issue


(Solved): Writing an essay of least 1,250 words addressing an issue

After meeting with the writing center, you are requested to write an essay addressing the following issues: (At least 1250 words, LMA citation format) 1. ExplainXXXX University’s (I will provide the school materials after you assigning it) expectations around Academic Integrity. 2. Describe the strategies you will use to avoid another violation of the XXXX University’s Academic Integrity policy. 3. Provide examples of the proper sources/research to use in your academic work. 4. Give your opinion on your appointment at the International Tutoring Center. Could you foresee using this resource again in the future? Why or why not? 5. Reflect on anything else you’ve learned from this experience. The requirement of this paper: You should consider this paper to be no different than one you would submit to a professor for class. This paper may not serve to justify your own actions nor evaluate the actions of others. This paper must be in paragraph format, typewritten and double spaced, with one-inch margins, 12-point font, and appropriate citations. MLA citation format. proofread and grammar check your paper before submitting it.

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