(Solved): Writing a Manual


(Solved): Writing a Manual

Phoenix Material Final Project: Writing a Manual For this course’s final project, you will be writing a 5- to 7-page manual, due in Week 5. Refer to pp. 569 to 571 (Ch. 20) of your text for an example of the elements and style of a manual. You must choose a subject for the manual that is related to your current or previous work life. As you decide on a subject for your manual, consider the following questions: What procedure or computer program in your current or previous workplace would perform better or be used if clearly written instructions were available? Is there a procedure or computer program in your current or previous workplace that you would like to know more about?If you do not have any work experience, it is recommended that you select one of the following University of Phoenix areas as the focus of your manual: Phoenix Connect University Library  The Center for Writing Excellence Write the manual with a specific audience in mind. If you are writing for your workplace, decide if your manual is written for the entire organization, or a specific group or groups. If you choose a University of Phoenix area, the audience you are writing for is the student. Include the following items in your manual: Table of Contents Headers and footers that include page numbers, copyright information, and other necessary information Headings Appropriate font  Written instructions for accessing, navigating, and using the selected tool or procedure Visual elements such as images and screenshots Effective page layout, including use of white space, color, and proper font  Terminology definitions for any symbols or diagrams used  References to source material, if needed Any other necessary information to help the user navigate the manual Due Dates for the Final Project

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