(Solved): Work placement report


(Solved): Work placement report

Report Contents • Table of Contents • Company Information o Name and location of the Company. o Company History o Explanation of the organization / structure of the Company / number of employees / department / products and services o Who was their line manager?  They should list all others who provided supervision. o What work did they do in each department and the equipment and software used?   • Work Details o Team Skills used and the technical tasks assigned by their team leader and their role and who effective it was o Describe problem identification and the solution process for  engineering technology problems they faced; o Self-directed study carried out o Needed Professional  Development   o Codes and standards used at work o Industry societal responsibilities o Importance of  diversity in the workplace o Environmental issues and responsibilities at the  workplace o Respond positively to constructive criticism o Summary and Reflection • Health and Safety o Summary on Health and Safety related to their Work Experience • Conclusions o What were the main lessons learnt from the Work Experience? o Would they like to work in this organisation or a similar type of organisation when they graduate (with reasons)? o How has the Work Experience placement effected their future career aspirations?   o What professional development needed • Appendices o A copy of their thank you letter At this place

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