(Solved): Why are African American college enrollment rates lower than other Americans enrollment ?


(Solved): Why are African American college enrollment rates lower than other Americans enrollment ?

Impetus: Here, let us know a bit about your point of focus and what drew you to it. Address these questions: • What was the impetus for your search (what made you want to do it)? • What was your initial inquiry question? • Why did you choose this question? • What did you hope to do with “the answer” to this inquiry question? • Also, what did you already know about the question that helped you get a head start on this search? (300-400 words) Your Search: This section should really demonstrate your thinking and working process to the reader. It is a great place to flex your creative writing skills (though you don’t need to). • How did the search itself play out? • What expected (and unexpected) avenues did you follow? • What were the dead ends and what were the productive lines of inquiry? • How did the search itself narrow or reshape your inquiry question(s)? (300-400 words) Your Findings: In this section please be aware that you need to draw connections between all of your research in an effort to answer your research question. Intertextuality is key! • What did you discover, and how well does it offer an answer or perspective on your research question? • This is the more formal part of the I-search paper, and should be written with an academic tone. (1300-1500 words total  100-200/source) Reflections and Applications: In this last piece, you will think metacognitively about your writing process and what you have learned. • Where will you go with the information that you gained in the search? • How will you apply it or make use of it? • What new areas inquiry has this search opened up for you? • What are your unanswered questions? • And what have you learned about English, the research process itself, or yourself as a researcher? (300-400 words) Your iSearch needs to have: • A minimum of 5 sources o Of these, at least 4 need to be “expert sources” • A correct and thorough Works Cited Page • A professional tone in the Findings section • No less than 1500 words total • Correct formatting throughout (MLA or APA)

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