(Solved): What’s Up with the American Dream?


(Solved): What’s Up with the American Dream?

choose one of the following They Say/I Blog conversation categories from the blog website: Is Fast Food the New Tobacco? Is Higher Education Worth the Price? Is Pop Culture Actually Good for Us? What’s Up with the American Dream? Why Does it Matter Who Wins the Big Game? Then explore the conversations, or readings, for your chosen category, and formulate a working thesis to present to your classmates. For example, if a student selects the third topic (Is Pop Culture Actually Good for Us?), she might begin with the conversation between Atlanta staff writer and media expert Megan Garber and tech author Sherry Turkle. The student could take issue with any number of these writers’ claims, including Turkle’s argument about the value of being “boring” in conversation. Here is but one example: Must we, as Turkle suggests, put away our technology in “sacred spaces” (such as the dinner table) to have “supremely human” conversations? Why or why not? In other words, discover what other writers have to say about a specific aspect of one of the blog topics. Then formulate your own unique stance.

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