(Solved): What Makes a Hero? Graphic Organizer, Chart, and Notecards


(Solved): What Makes a Hero? Graphic Organizer, Chart, and Notecards

Do research using 4 online articles of your choice to answer the question “What makes a Hero?”. Fill out the provided graphic organizer, web quest chart, and notecards over the articles. (Chart, organizer, and notecard will be provided in private messages as PDFs when the assignment has been accepted.) 1. Use the graphic organizer. Focus on the type of informational text represented, e.g., news article, interview, travel article, editorial, biography, etc. List some characteristics or features of the text, such as quotes, interviews, descriptions of places or objects, statistics, images, personal experiences, etc. Identify the main idea of the text and give examples of supporting evidence. 2. Complete an article evaluation sheet for each of the Web quest sources on the Web quest organizer. Credibility – Who is the author? What are the author’s qualifications for writing on this topic? What other sources are cited within the text? Accuracy – When was this article published? When was the information last updated? What is the purpose of this text? Depth – Is there enough information available in the article to develop an interesting research question? Does the article provide references or links to explore and dig deeper into the topic? Usefulness – What kinds of evidence are included within the article which would be useful in developing an argument on the topic? Is the content directly related to the topic, or is it useful background information? 3. Complete research note cards on the four Web quest articles. Include on the note cards the following information: citation information in proper MLA format. topic or label for the note card based on the main idea of the article one or two pieces of supporting information from the article, labeled and documented according to paragraph or page number labels for all elements of the note card according to the note card sample

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