(Solved): Visual Aid


(Solved): Visual Aid

Using the data given, create a visual aid that will present the information in the most appropriate way. Efforts to protect the environment have increased over the past decade. Recycling is up by 40%; water use has decreased 50%; vehicle emissions regulations have caused air pollution to decrease by 40%. The increase in recycling products is spread over three main things: aluminum cans (15%), cardboard (20%), and plastic bottles (5%). The water conservation efforts can be explained by a) increasing consumer awareness of wasteful water use (15%), b) increasing the use of restricted water flow faucets in large hotels and resorts (20%), and c) city-mandated restrictions during drought times (15%). Finally, the decrease in air pollution due to emissions regulations can be attributed to a) more public transit (25%) and b) more stringent emissions regulations (15%). note: You are not required to use a particular software program to complete this assignment. Some suggestions, however, are PowerPoint, Word, or Excel.

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