(Solved): TRACE analysis essay


(Solved): TRACE analysis essay

TRACE Analysis Assignment For this assignment you will analyze the rhetorical situation of an argument found in a commercial, such as a public service announcement or an advertisement for a product or service. (A good source for finding a commercial is YouTube. Also, please don’t use the Dove Real Beauty commercial explicated in this week’s lecture.) When analyzing the argument, utilize the TRACE model of rhetorical inquiry outlined in your FYW textbook (See Chapter 2) and this week’s lecture. In your analysis, you should answer the questions and prompts below. Text: What kind of text is it? Explain what the text is arguing. Elaborate on why a commercial might be an appropriate medium for this particular argument. What other mediums might work? Explain why. What mediums might not work? Elaborate. Reader or Audience: Who is the target audience? Explain how a viewer’s background, culture, gender, and/or ethnicity might influence his or her perception of the argument. For example, might a female viewer react differently than a male viewer? Why or why not? Author: Elaborate on who the author(s) might be? What experiences might have influenced the author(s) that created this argument? What might be motivating the author(s) to construct this argument? Constraints: Explain what special constraining circumstances might influence a viewer’s response to this argument. What constraints might influence the author(s) creation of the text? Exigence: What happened to cause this argument? Why is the issue addressed in the text perceived as a defect or problem? Is it a new or recurring argument? Don’t forget to include a link to the commercial* in your discussion, and remember that the commercial you choose must have an argument.Finally, your analysis should be at least one page (single spaced). You must choose a professionally produced commercial that has aired on network TV. Your chosen commercial shouldn’t be any longer than 90 seconds.

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