(Solved): To identify and develop a diversity and inclusion strategy


(Solved): To identify and develop a diversity and inclusion strategy

ABC Pty Ltd is all about creating places where people feel comfortable in their environment, allowing us all to be the best we can be. A diverse and inclusive workplace not only means people feel valued, it helps build a better, stronger and more innovat ive ABC Pty Ltd”. Their global inclusion strategy is focused on embedding flexible work; achieving equity; and building inclusive leadership in order to develop a strong brand and reputation. Extrapolate this strategy into definitive policy where guidelines could be used in any industry. You are to identify this diversity and inclusion strategy and then using the template provided develop a practical interpretation of how this strategy will apply to the organisation ABC Pty Ltd. You can assume that they are a manufacturing and logistics fi rm with 3000 employees. Developing the strategy to practical outcomes should always include a process for breach and reporting of the breach. There should be examples of what is not tolerated and what individuals or groups should do if they feel uncomfortable in their environment. This policy is to guide employees to the leadership outcome and should include drivers such as legislation.

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