(Solved): The role of the Psychological Contract in Employee Retention


(Solved): The role of the Psychological Contract in Employee Retention

Introduction : Introducing the proposed topic as well as introduction to assignment itself (300-400 words est) – Background/Literature Review : Could include the following : Definitions, Theories related to the selected topic along with focus on theoretical importance /Research problem or gap ( 500-600 est) . – Research questions : 1) Does employee perception of the psychological contract affect retention? 2) Does a breach in the psychological contract contribute to the poor retention management 3) Will an improvement in the nature of the psychological contract made improve employee retention? – Research Aim -To measure the impact of the psychological contract on employee retention – Intended methodology : 1) Research philosophy: selection of the appropriate philosophy + justification 2) Research strategy : inductive or deductive + justification 3) Research approach: Quantitative or/ Qualitative / Mixed methods + Justification 4) Research design : Time horizon ( Cross sectional,longitudinal and experiments )+ justification related to the chosen design. 5) Sampling techniques: Sampling technique used for data collection + justification . Methodology word count ( 600-800 est) – Conclusion (200-300 est). -Reference Harvard Referencing style.

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