(Solved): The perfect Heated Towel Horse


(Solved): The perfect Heated Towel Horse

Go to the Thomas Crapper & Company Website. A link is provided. Just click it. 2. Find, look at, and read about the two products listed in the assignment. 3. Decide which product that you would like to sell. 4. Read everything there is to read about that product on the Crapper Website. 5. Draft your thesis. Your thesis must be one sentence about the quality, style, appearance, and usefulness of that product. Remember, you job as a writer is to sell that product. Draft a descriptive and motivating (persuasive) marketing claim (300 words minimum) that describes one of the following products offered by Thomas Crapper & Company, Ltd. Choice 1: Heated Towel Horse (Large) with electric heat input Choice 2: High-level WC Set with ‘814’ Cistern & Throne Seat (Walnut) Make sure to include the price (in U.S. dollars) in the description of your choice. Click here to access the Thomas Crapper Website. Include an underlined thesis (sales pitch) in the first paragraph of your essay. Click here to review “A Word about the Thesis,” the primary guidance for developing a thesis in EH 1302. Recall that a claim is an argument (thesis, opinion); a sales pitch is an argument (thesis, opinion). Identify the product that you select. With guidance that follows and from Chapter 14, embed a small image of the product within the text of your essay. The image can be no larger than 2” x 2” (192 pixels x 192 pixels). The expression embedded within means that the image must be surrounded by the text on three sides. Click here for an example of an essay that includes an image that is embedded within the text of an essay. Restrict your research to the Thomas Crapper & Company, Ltd. Website. Your job as a writer-seller is to argue for the product and to persuade prospective customers to eagerly purchase the product that you chose. IMPORTANT 10% of the grade: In addition, with information obtained from the Thomas Crapper Website, part of a supporting paragraph in the text of your essay (10 points) shall include whether Thomas Crapper invented the modern flush toilet (W.C.). Also provide a second citation on the Works Cited page for the source of that information from the Crapper Website. Do not use any source that is not on the Crapper Website. Include with your essay two in-text citations in the body and two full citations on a Works Cited page. The product citation must begin with the name of the product as it is displayed on the Crapper Website. The second citation on your Works Cited page must cite where, on the Thomas Crapper Website, you found the information concerning whether Crapper invented the modern flush toilet (W.C.). In the body of your essay, include a direct quotation from the page concerning the invention of the modern flush toilet. To clarify a point of style, the writing found on the Crapper Website uses rules of English grammar, punctuation, and spelling commonly found in British English usage, a crude language that was once used by American colonialists who became patriots and eventually refined the English language so that we could understand each other by speaking and writing actual English. Since the assignment is to write a “sales pitch,” it is acceptable to use forms of the pronoun “you” and contractions without penalty on this assignment only. Begin the Works Cited page at the end of your essay or research paper. The page must be titled Works Cited centered at the top of the page, followed by the two citations, correctly formatted. The Works Cited page must be numbered. For example, if the last page of the text of your essay is 2, then the Works Cited page will begin on Page 3.

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