(Solved): The Odyssey


(Solved): The Odyssey

Please read The Odyssey Book7-13( and write a response journal following the instruction: Please choose one main theme for this journal: memory, storytelling, or death. Then, please choose a line or two on one of these themes, and use it to discuss something interesting about how that theme works in The Odyssey. Some questions that may help you are: What is memory, storytelling, or death, in The Odyssey? What does your line tell us about how memory, storytelling, or death work in The Odyssey? How do memory, storytelling, or ideas about death inform how people make choices in The Odyssey? In some cases (for example, when the dead are remembering and telling their stories in Book 11), these themes will overlap. In these cases, focus your attention on only one theme, but you may use the others to illustrate how your chosen theme works (for example, if you theme is memory, you might discuss how the dead become reduced down to a combination of how they remember life, and how living people remember them).

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