(Solved): The Influences of Medical Marijuana on Colorado


(Solved): The Influences of Medical Marijuana on Colorado

For the paper, be sure to: • Double-space. • Use with normal margins (1 inch) and font (12). • Include a bibliography with at least three sources that are consulted and cited in the appropriate manner. Be sure to give the source within the paper for any ideas or quotations that you take from books, articles, websites, etc. • Title your paper. • Have an introduction that clearly states what you intend to investigate and from what sources you intend to draw your evidence. • Have a body of your text that includes details and examples as well as short quotes that best illustrate your topic. • Have a conclusion should summarize your findings. • Proofread carefully to ensure correct spelling, grammar, and typing. -Demonstrates an understanding of the topic and its influence on social, historical, and cultural events -focus on influences before and after the legalization of marijuana in Colorado.

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