(Solved): The Importance of Trust, Commitment and Justice In A Small Business


(Solved): The Importance of Trust, Commitment and Justice In A Small Business

This is the culmination of the semester’s work through a researched position paper that presents our academic and professional position that focuses on a singular problem we want to explore in our career field. This might be presented as a question, issue, concern, direction, belief system, current expectation, or basic human rights issue in our field, or so on. It should reflect clear knowledge of the discourse community (and academic audience), the current conversation on the topic in research, and the conventions of our fields. It should be an obvious attempt to enter our future discourse community by problematizing our issue and following our field’s conventions and guidelines for documentation. It’s important to remember we aren’t writing down to unintelligent people by informing them of simplistic concepts in our field. Instead, we’re writing to the people in our field who might be interviewing us. As such, defining simplistic terms and giving a history of our field are likely not good strategies throughout the paper. Also, this paper should be strongly argumentative instead of mostly informative. A good ratio of argument to informative would be around 80% / 20% (80% argumentative, 20% informative). Furthermore, the paper should speak of our ability to choose, synthesize, and document sources correctly and in good rhetorical standing. Remember: show this problem as complex, not as introductory and simplistic. Make sure to incorporate a minimum of 12 credible academic sources (these will be academic articles from the library database). You are welcome, and encouraged, to use more than 12 sources. Any sources beyond the 12 academic sources can be “other” sources that don’t meet the strict confines of academic sources. Please remember that the 15 page minimum are pages of our writing (from introduction to conclusion), not the wrappings that frame our writing. Cover pages (if required by our doc style), abstracts (if required by our doc style), and Works Cited pages (or whatever our doc style may call them) do not count in the required 15 pages. Each page and/or source our final papers are short of the required minimums earns a substantial deduction (8% per page, 4% per half page, 2% per quarter page; 3% per source). For common measurement, this paper should be presented in Times New Roman, 12 point font, double-spaced, with 1” margins. Using (APA writing) . and you have to follow one of these outlines.

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