(Solved): The Four Day School Week Impact On Student Achievement


(Solved): The Four Day School Week Impact On Student Achievement

ASSIGNMENT INFORMATION Your assignment is to make your own argument for a material that you find most useful for English courses (or other courses, if you would rather focus on that) (3-5 pages) Steps: • Choose your argument • Introduce your argument (thesis statement) • Support your argument • Consider objections to your argument • Refute those objections • Conclude your argument Things to focus on: Make sure your essay is double spaced, in MLA format, Times New Roman font (size 12), 1″ margins, that the essay is your ORIGINAL work. (This essay is submitted through SafeAssign and you will be caught if you plagiarize) The argument is that there is little to no impact in student achievement with the four day school week. Must be at least 5 paragraphs: Introduction 2 Supporting paragraphs 1 Objective paragraph Conclusion Work Cited page This needs to be completed by Sunday September 30.

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