(Solved): The Distribution and General Marketing of Sports Whistles


(Solved): The Distribution and General Marketing of Sports Whistles

write a Business Plan that focuses on the Distribution and Promotion of a product or service of your choice (See chap 13). In this project you will describe the following: your target market, product features and benefits, product differentiation, pricing, place, advertising and promotion. A description of all these processes have already been outlined for you below. As a future entrepreneur your job will be to distribute and promote a product or service that potentially meets an unmet need within the community. You must cite at least four (4) external sources in your paper, which must include well-regarded print, web, company-produced materials and business publications specializing in the relevant industries. A successful paper will relate observations and assessments to the course readings and to substantial research in business and its marketing and distribution operations. Your paper should be 8-10 pages long, typed, double-spaced, and follow APA format (not including the cover, table of contents and reference pages). Be sure that the paper is carefully revised, edited, and proofread. This assignment is worth 20% of your final grade and is graded on the quality of the writing and research of your product

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