(Solved): The different between Saudi wedding and American wedding


(Solved): The different between Saudi wedding and American wedding

Sources: You will need to choose at least one primary source that will be the focus of your analysis.  For instance, you may choose a single romantic comedy to close read, or you may look at the evolution of jewelry commercials over the last thirty years. Your secondary sources should be made up of scholarly articles or texts (peer-reviewed journals, full-length academic texts, scientific studies, etc.). You are required to use at least ten (10) sources, at least three (3) of which must be secondary sources.   Style & Tone This is a formal academic essay, make sure that your tone reflects this specific writing genre.  While the analysis will be your own, you need to support your claims with evidence from your supporting texts.  Contractions, slang and other colloquialisms are informal and therefore would be inappropriate in this essay.   Format For full credit your final essay must be 1800-2000 words. Place last name and page numbers in the upper right hand corner, except on the first page (using a header).  Refer to syllabus for instructions on your header for the first page.  Follow all MLA guidelines for page numbers, in-text citations, summary/paraphrasing, works cited page, and annotations.   Criteria for Success   A clear thesis and thoughtful discussion of your chosen topic within the context of romantic love in American culture Sources accurately and effectively incorporated into your argument Use of short quotes to back up your analytical claims Careful consideration of multiple viewpoints Thoughtful interaction with the secondary texts to strengthen your analysis No inaccurate, missing, or mis-understandings of key moments from your primary and secondary texts Strong introduction and conclusion Effective organization, including connections within and between paragraphs and sections Works cited page in correct MLA format Careful proofreading and editing

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