(Solved): The Component of Critical Assignment: Competitive Strategy


(Solved): The Component of Critical Assignment: Competitive Strategy

The specific objective of the critical assignment due at the end of the term is to conduct a managerial examination of a company. Students will submit components of the final assignment along the way, throughout the term. The fifth component of the critical assignment is for students to submit a two page preliminary examination of the chosen organization’s Competitive Strategy. This preliminary examination of Competitive Strategy will build the section of the final paper, which is detailed here: Using information from news articles, company websites, digital library searches, etc. identify the company’s competitive strategy. See chapter five in the course’s multi-touch book. A successful submission will be submitted in APA writing standards, include citations and references, and serve as the foundation for the 5th part of the final paper. Grading criteria: 40% course content synthesis 40% writing standards 20% originality and contribution The following content is partner provided.

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