(Solved): Term Research Paper: Assessing a Career in Business


(Solved): Term Research Paper: Assessing a Career in Business

-Term research project paper based on owning a “Spin Cycling Workout Gym”. -Use at least 7 credible sources (one of which required to be a personal interview with someone who owns this specific business type) -Use the following section headings: Job Description- day to day duties, the “big” responsibilities people in this career have General Career Path- discuss how you get there from an entry level position General Education Experience- degree requirements and or certifications needed Average Salary- base this on level of experience needed Career Outlook- discuss how optimistic a future for this career is Bio of someone in the profession- could be result of the personal interview or research of someone famous Pros and Cons- identify advantages and disadvantages of this career Your “fit” with this career- conclude with your assessment of how well suited you are for this career Specific Format Requirements- -Minimum 5 pages, excluding Sources page -Double Space, 1 inch margins and 12 pt font (Garamond, Palatino Linotype, or Times New Roman) -Use in-text citations in APA format throughout paper; cite the source of your information as you present it. Cite the source whether you are paraphrasing or quoting directly -Include references list on a separate page entitled Sources and use APA format.

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