(Solved): Ted Talk Assignment


(Solved): Ted Talk Assignment

What Is TED Talks? TED is an acronym for Technology, Entertainment, and Design. It began in 1984 as a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. Instructions: 1. Visit the TED site at Take some time to browse the categories and even watch a few talks before choosing a specific talk to use. The chosen talk must be over 4 minutes in length. While it is important that you choose a talk that is of interest, it is necessary to be flexible. Dare to learn something new even if you don’t necessarily agree with what is being said. 2. After watching your Ted Talk, complete the Ted Talk Analysis Chart. This analysis chart must be completed in full and submitted to Blackboard to get a grade. 3. Your Ted Talk Analysis Chart must be submitted to the discussion board, as a word document. The subject of your thread should indicate the topic of your Ted Talk. 4. Then, you will choose one of your classmates Ted Talks and watch it. You will write a paragraph explaining your own opinion of the video. The paragraph should be no less than 150 words. So, you go to one of your classmate’s BB posts and write the paragraph underneath it.

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