(Solved): Technology Assessment – Smart Wind and Solar Power


(Solved): Technology Assessment – Smart Wind and Solar Power

This a team project, my part is to finished the overview(1-2 single spaced pages) and Demographic Factors on Analysis of the External Environment and Competitors(1-2single spaced pages) . 1. Overview of Technology and Associated Products/Services (1-2 single spaced pages/10 points): This section should broadly outline the technology, its general characteristics, the products/services associated with the technology, and the potential utility of the technology (i.e., how the technology is used by the consumer). 2. Demographic Factors – Analysis of the External Environment and Competitors (3-6 pages/50): This section should give consideration to the key external environmental and market factors that could potentially impact the development and commercialization of the technology. You should consider which macro environmental forces are most likely to influence the technology’s release and potential success (i.e., financial return) such as economic, political, cultural, or legal forces or actors. You should also consider the forces that are exerted through the industry or industries in which the product or service would exist. For instance, you must consider: 1) who the firm’s present/future suppliers and customers will be and how they will influence the product’s or service’s success, 2) who the potential competitors or substitute products/services might be and how they may influence the technology/idea, and 3) who the other key stakeholders might be that may have a major influence on the organization and its technology both now and in the future.

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