(Solved): Team Writing Project: A Heuristic Evaluation Assignment Sheet


(Solved): Team Writing Project: A Heuristic Evaluation Assignment Sheet

Peer Review 2 of Draft of Team Writing Project: A Heuristic Evaluation No unread replies. No replies. Read the Team Writing Project: A Heuristic Evaluation Assignment Sheet Post draft by Wednesday, July 18: Have ONE TEAM MEMBER post their team’s Draft of Team Analytical Report (write your team number in the subject line). Respond by Friday, July 20: EVERY TEAM MEMBER should respond to ONE OTHER team. Please respond to team that has not received feedback before responding to a team that has received feedback. In addition to providing general feedback, use the questions below to conduct your peer reviews. CONTENT 1. Does the introduction prepare the audience with sufficient background on the company and website? 2. Does the introduction provide a forecast of the report, which helps the reader transition into the body of the paper? 3. Is the purpose of the report/evaluation clearly identified? 4. Does the body of the paper clearly include the details of what was evaluated? A. are the heuristics used included? B. are the findings clearly explained? C. are there recommendations? 5. Is there a lead in which prepares each reader for every section he/she is about to read? 6. Is there research to support what is being recommended? Is the research cited correctly with attributive tags, in-text citations, and a works cited/reference page? ORGANIZATION, STYLE, AND PAGE DESIGN 1. Is the report organized in a way that helps the reader follow along? Does the report use headings, bullets, and formatting to increase readability? 2. Does every element of the report serve a purpose? 3. Does the report include visuals that help the reader understand what you have identified? A. are they labeled and referred to as their label? 4. Does the report include supplements (appendices, glossaries, etc.) if needed? 5. Is the level of technicality appropriate? MECHANICS, USAGE, AND GRAMMAR 1. Is the writing grammatically correct? 2. Is the writing is clear, concise, and fluent?

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