(Solved): Tchibo ideas- Leveraging the creativity of customers


(Solved): Tchibo ideas- Leveraging the creativity of customers

Page Limit: Three pages (1.5 spacing: 12 font) not including appendices 1. Key Issues: Start by identifying the 3-5 key issues in the case (bullet points, single space). 2. Recommendations: Outline your key recommendations/ analysis (bullet points, single space). 3. Analysis/ Logic: the core of your write-up is evidence-based support for the recommendations, where evidence includes both facts from the case and data you crunch. Present the facts from the case and analyze data to build support for your recommendations. In addition, use frameworks and insights from the class to support your recommendations as appropriate. a. Organize this section in headings and subheadings to highlight key issues. b. It is crucially important to use case data and any other material discussed in class to support your arguments but do not regurgitate case data without using it to make a point. For example, please do not start with a synopsis of the case. c. It is also important to give the logic and analysis for not making choosing other courses of action. 4. Conclusion. A summary of the key points of the analysis. 5. Appendices with analysis and charts: If you are going to crunch data (and in almost all case examples this is recommended) put those calculations in the appendices).

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