(Solved): Syrian refugee crisis


(Solved): Syrian refugee crisis

Write an Argumentative essay on Syrian Refugee Crises. Follow an APA style guidelines. It includes the following: – The Title page – Introduction (It must contain: Thesis statement, the hook, and the general statement) – Supporting paragraph 1 – Supporting paragraph 2 – Supporting paragraph 3 * Each paragraph should have a small title, to know what that paragraph is about, and this title should be aligned to the left. Remember, argumentative essay must talk about good and bad things. So, write 2 paragraphs with the bad things and one with the good things. – Conclusion: Place your opinion and your recommendations. – References Plagiarism is an academic misconduct. While citing sources, rephrase the sentences and then cite them per APA format. You all must have at least 3 references, and it must be from the Virtual Library of our school. The due date of submission is July 5th, 2019. The essay must contain Heading level 1 and 2. The Heading level 1 must appear in the center of the page, Ex: Syrian refugee crisis; and the Heading level 2 must appear aligned to the left side of the page.

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