(Solved): Synthesis paper 2.5 to 3 pages about a short story called yellow wall paper


(Solved): Synthesis paper 2.5 to 3 pages about a short story called yellow wall paper

Please answer ONE of the following questions. As you answer the question, please remember that a synthesis paper is not a summary, comparison, or review. Please keep in mind that you should integrate the ideas in the texts mentioned in the question. You should be able to present these integrated ideas to develop and support a key thesis or argument. Your essay should demonstrate close textual reading and analysis, and should be coherent whole, rather than present a series of disconnected ideas. 1. “The Yellow Wallpaper” critiques popular medical practices of the time it was written. Discuss this claim with reference to at least two pertinent documents (posted on canvas). 2. James Joyce’s “Araby” and “The Dead” are similar in that they are both situated in Dublin, and culminate in a moment of realization for the protagonist. In what key ways do the narratives differ? 3. In her essay, “A Four-Hundred-Year-Old Woman,” Bharati Mukherjee writes about her own development as a writer, and her ideas on authorship. Do you think the claims she makes in the essay reflects on the short story “The Management of Grief”? If so, how? Your papers, 2-3 pages long are due on Friday, November 18, in hard copy. Please refer to the syllabus for formatting details. Drafts are due on 10 Nov for peer-review.

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