(Solved): Summary of Peter Singer’s “Down on the Factory Farm”


(Solved): Summary of Peter Singer’s “Down on the Factory Farm”

Assignment 3 : Summary of Peter Singer’s “Down on the Factory Farm” Worth: 5% Due: February 19 Length: 300 – 350 words Topic: Peter Singer’s expos é of the practices of factory farmers and the suffering of animals. Instructions : Submit your summary in the HTML window and as an attached Word file in the same dropbox . I will give it a preliminary mark and offer suggestions on ways to improve the writing and formatting. You are expected to revise and resubmit the draft in the next attempt in the same dropbox. You are required to engage in the revision process. Format:  For essay format, see the essay template in the coursepack .  Double – space. Font type must be 12 point Times New Roman.  Do not bold or underline words.  I dentify yourself, the instructor, the course, and date in the top left corner of the first page.  You a re required to add a header in the Word file but not in the HTML window.  Give your assignment a title that reflects its topic.  Save your draft on a data storage device to prevent its loss if your computer fails.  Contact me either by email or in person if an assignment will be late. R EQUIRED ESSAY COMPONENTS : Y ou must quote and cite Peter Singer to define “sentience” (“All Animals” 42) when discuss ing the capacity of chickens to suffer. Y ou must employ James P. Sterba’s “Principle of Disproportionality ” (232) t o evaluate the ethics of factory farmers’ practices of raising animals for profit. You must quote and cite the experts Singer quotes. YOU MUST INCLUDE : a leading statement; several quotes from Singer’s “Down on the Factory Farm” to support your ana lysis; a quote from Singer’s “All Animals Are Equal”; two quotes within quotes as evidence from the experts Singer quotes (eg. Lorenz, Brambells, Maudlin, Haley, and Shames); a quote to define Sterba’s “Principle of Disproportionality ”; and works cited entries for all sources. To check the formatting of your quotations and citations, see the Documentation Booklet

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