(Solved): Somnambulism


(Solved): Somnambulism

This paper must be between 2 to 3 pages long (not including the Works Cited page). This paper must be in MLA format.  Be sure to go to chapters 50 and 51 from your course textbook to help you write a paper in MLA format. The paper must be from one of the topics listed from the list of topics you were given.   Please note that your Works Cited page MUST have at least 4 to 5 credible sources such as: books, newspapers, medical journals, and magazines.  Do not use websites such as: Wikipedia, Infoplease,, WebMd, etc. THIS IS A RESEARCH PAPER….NOT A LITERATURE REVIEW!!!!! Do NOT include tables and graphs in your paper.  Be sure to edit your work before submitting it.  Be sure to AVOID CONTRACTIONS in formal writing.  YOUR PAPER MUST NOT HAVE MORE THAN A 20% SIMILARITY RATING!!! 

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