(Solved): Small Business Management Article Summarization Assignment


(Solved): Small Business Management Article Summarization Assignment

Each student is responsible for researching an article related to the course content or small business management and writing an article summarization. The reading and article summarizations should relate to the chapter(s) under discussion when the reports are due. These articles may be from any current business source, but the periodicals listed below are preferable and available at the public and college libraries in and around Charlotte. All articles must have been published in the years of 2013-2018. This assignment is a written research paper and as a result, the assignment format follows normal APA research paper formatting such as a title page, in-text citations and reference page. If you use an on-line journal, you must cite the source and provide a copy of the article upon submission of the article write-up. Finally, your article must be at least one page in length regardless of the source. To receive the maximum credit for this assignment you must ensure the following items have been included in your assignment submission: Submitted article summarization assignment must consist of 500 words minimum (body of the assignment) In your article summarization, you must clearly explain why the article selected was of interest to you, and/or how does it relate to your desire to become an entrepreneur. Your article summarization must contain the following items: Title page following APA style guidelines APA in text citations from the article summarized APA in text citations from the course text. In the summarization conclusion you must explain how the article selected relates to a specific topic covered in the course reading and give reference to the specific chapter the topic was covered in and provide a citation from the course text supporting the topic using APA style guidelines.4Reference page showing the source of your citations (references must be developed using proper APA style guidelines. All submissions must include a copy of the article summarized must be submitted with article summarization. Note: article links are not sufficient in meeting this requirement. For each article summarization assignment submission, you will submit both a copy of the article summarized and the written, word processed article summarization meaning you will have to attachments when submitting your assignments to the applicable link via Blackboard.

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