(Solved): Self-reflection assignment


(Solved): Self-reflection assignment

In this reflection you will explore how you formed your personal identity and what it means to be “you.” You will also have the opportunity to explore different identities through interaction and discussion with classmates, coworkers, friends, etc. Submit a 750-1000 word reflection on this identity exploration and how diversity impacts communities and individuals. Part 1: Core Beliefs To begin, answer the following questions: * How do I identify? Gender, age, race, religion, ethnicity, national heritage, occupation, family roles, sexual orientation, sports fan, politics, socio-economic status, hobbies, accomplishments, causes I support, auto, area in which I live, abilities/disabilities, etc. * What words describe me? * Who are/were the most influential persons in my life? – How do/did they impact me? – What did they contribute to my identity? – How am I like these people or different from them? Part 2: Acting on my script Secondly, students will discover the identities of their classmates, coworkers, friends, etc. and explore similarities and differences. They will explore how they interact with others who are (or appear) different than themselves and discuss the following topics at a “dinner party”: *Describe your overall experience at the dinner party? *What attire did you wear to the dinner party and how did it make you feel? *How did others treat you at the dinner party? *What surprised you the most during the dinner party? *What made you the most uncomfortable in terms of how others were dressed and interacted at the dinner party? *How can your experience at the dinner party help you moving forward in your life?

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