(Solved): Second Critique and Analysis


(Solved): Second Critique and Analysis

Hi, my critique and analysis is based on advertising. Writing an essay of 1,000 words about a certain commercial and writing about what is analyzed. One of the commercials that caught my attention is if you have any other commercial in mind ler me know thank you. and which includes below; 1)Text is summarized in 1­2 paragraphs with mention of 2)author, title and date of text. Details of summary are not too specific or minor. 3)Identifies central idea(s) of the text and provides and 4)discusses at least three pieces of evidence to support this conclusion. 5)Work provides analysis of the text’s structural elements. 6)Parts of the text related to structure, word choice, flow, 7)and overall quality are identified and discussed. Work provides critique of the text. The student identifies ways that the creator could have done a better job communicating their message based on their analysis. Relevant bias is discussed. All formatting conventions are followed and paper is relatively free of gross errors.

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