(Solved): Scholarship LETTER


(Solved): Scholarship LETTER

Instructions- I need it done by tonight at 12 Pm. The Letter should include such information as the name of the applicant’s parents name (Jeff) that works for this company, a Statement as to why the applicant desires a college education, and what his or her goals and ambitions are. I would like to include in the Essay, something like- I Darien Shoults will be attending University of Mississippi in fall of 2017, my goals are to study major in buissness management and minor in interior design, because I believe everyone should start from the bottom of a business and work there way up, I hope to open my own interior design company and design houses and large companies. I desire a college application because school has always been very important to me, I have struggled with dyslexia my whole like and it has just shown me if you work as hard as you can then you can achieve anything you want.

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