(Solved): Rhetorical analysis of the story ‘The Tell Tale Heart’


(Solved): Rhetorical analysis of the story ‘The Tell Tale Heart’

You wrote a paragraph-length rhetorical analysis for ‘The Tell-Tale Heart’ and submitted it to UBlearns on 9/20 and we conducted an informal trial of the narrator in class on the same day. Next steps: 1.) Revise your paragraph-length rhetorical analysis using any new ideas gleaned from the trial. 2.) Submit this revised paragraph for a tutoring session on MyWritingLab here: (you can fill out the prompts as you see fit this time, but please fill out the prompts carefully and thoughtfully) Here is a helpful description: Write paragraph-length (100-250 words) rhetorical analysis of the story ‘The Tell Tale Heart’ in which you address the following questions: What is the narrator’s main argument? What rhetorical devices does he use to make his point? Provide examples of any of the devices he uses. 3.) Resubmit your revised paragraph-length rhetorical analysis here (you do not need to print out the paragraph nor the tutor’s report this time)

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