(Solved): Rhetorical Analysis Final Draft


(Solved): Rhetorical Analysis Final Draft

The objective of this assignment is to write a well-constructed rhetorical analysis that makes a claim regarding the rhetorical tools exhibited in a text. The text for this assignment will be a speech from a film of your choosing. The speech must be by a fictional character. Do not choose a film of historical reference. In a rhetorical analysis, you need to: • Contextualize the text (author, audience, and purpose) • Identify the rhetorical appeals of the text (ethos, logos, pathos) • Base a determination of success (purpose) on the author’s use of rhetoric (ethos, logos, pathos) The essay will include: • Introduction: Introduce the speech you will analyze; briefly mention rhetorical situation and uses of rhetoric in the speech (to create a map for the reader); state thesis, which should make some determination regarding the author’s success based on their use of rhetoric • Body: Contextualize the speech, using the rhetorical situation triangle; Identify use of the rhetorical appeals and discuss why they are used and how their use is/is not effective; provide examples from the speech to support your thesis. o Remember, if you do not find evidence of a particular appeal, don’t make it up. Explain why the appeal might be missing from the speech and how it affects the efficacy of the speech • Conclusion: Restate your thesis and explain how you came to that conclusion; provide a closing statement to end discussion of the topic Essay must have a title (other than Rhetorical Analysis or Rhetorical Analysis of…) The essay will be in MLA format, which (as always) will include: • Heading in the upper left corner • Page numbers in upper right corner • 1” margins • 12 pt Times New Roman font • Double spaced Length Requirement is 3-5 pages Note: You may not use outside sources for this assignment. You will need to quote from the speech. Any material quoted from the text will need an in-text citation. A Works Cited page is not necessary.

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