(Solved): Revised Copy Editing Assignment / Use Bloom’s Taxonomy Verbs


(Solved): Revised Copy Editing Assignment / Use Bloom’s Taxonomy Verbs

Please copy edit this two-page article. First, download the article. Then, make your changes, using Track Changes for all additions in words or sentences, all sentences you have reordered within the individual paragraphs, strike through deletions within sentences and words, and use comment bubbles for why you are changing the items (e.g., better flow, added a transition, cohesion, etc.). Be careful to not change the author’s meaning. Track Changes is available in Microsoft Word. Click on the Review tab. Then click on the Track Changes button to activate it. Save the document as a Word file. Name the document with your last name and copy edit. For example: Adare-Tasiwoopa api Copy Edit. •Do not rewrite any sentences. •Do not rewrite any paragraphs. •Copy editing is not the same as revising a paper. •Only add transition words or phrases to sentences that need them. •Do not delete sentences, only rearrange them within the paragraph so that they flow. •Make certain that all sentences in the paragraph support the topic sentence. •Each paragraph should include only one topic. Every sentence in the paragraph should support that topic sentence. In other words, do not have sentences on another topic together in one paragraph. •Do no add sentences. •Do not delete or rewrite topic sentences. •The intent here is to make the sentences and paragraphs flow better and be cohesive, not to change the meaning of any sentence or paragraph. •Do not fact check or proofread this assignment for grammar, punctuation, or usage. I’ve actually removed all of the citation information so that it won’t distract you from copy editing this document. This article is a jumbled excerpt from “Overcoming Barriers, Battles, and the Home Front: Indigenous People Helping to Win World War II” from Montana Justice & Other Myths Busted.

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