(Solved): Research Sources and MLA documentation


(Solved): Research Sources and MLA documentation

Class, please locate one scholastic article on Fences that you feel will help you support your thesis. You must post an article found through one of PGCC’s library databases (such as Gale Literary Sources, which contains Literature Criticism Online, Literture Resource Info and a database on author’s biographies–once in the database, click on “What’s Inside” or you can conduct your own search using the various links on the page). You are not limited to just using Gale Literary Resources. Feel free to browse other appropriate databases. Note: You may choose to use the article you selected for Research Process Step #4 to complete this board. However, feel free to find another article as long as it’s from one of the PGCC databases. For this DB, create a new thread and attach a Word doc with the following: Please post 1) the article title and author; 2) a short passage (3 to 5 sentences or a short paragraph is fine), originally produced (meaning, exactly as is written), from the article; 3) an example of how you would integrate and document a direct quote from this passage into your research essay using a clear signal phrase or signal sentence and 4) an example of how this source would be presented on your Works Cited page. As mentioned, MLA style of documentation (which everyone learned in English 1010) will be utilized. Although all students are expected to have MLA skills at this level, I have posted MLA supplements under Lecture Notes. Please review, if needed. **I have posted a clear model of a post for this board. Please review before posting your work. Once you click on my file, click on “Enable editing” so that you may view the file in proper format. There is no peer response required for this board. Week 9 is an example how to do it.

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