(Solved): Research project proposal paper


(Solved): Research project proposal paper

I will first look into who the victims are, who the traffickers are and who the clients are. This will help me understand the demand and why it is still a bane in our modern society. Then I think I would look into what it would take to crush the demand. Because it has a continued presence in today’s society, crushing the demand is idealistic so I would look to understand if we are failing to understand something culturally with the motive and attraction of such services. I would also look at what has changed in the way we relate to prostitution historically, culturally and juridically. I would look at the relationship between drug use and trafficking, I would try to find numbers to compare with human trafficking in undeveloped countries. I would compare the type of human trafficking in developed countries vs undeveloped countries. My thesis would be something like: Human trafficking is still a plague in developed countries like the United States. The term modern-day slavery has been coined to define it. Although laws were created to protect the victims, the demand for the particular services still exists. Why can’t laws and morals stop the demand? Is our society criminalizing services and forcing the trafficked to become victims of an illegal trade?

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