(Solved): Research paper “writer picks topic”


(Solved): Research paper “writer picks tittle”

3 PAGES MUST DELIVER. This week’s assignment will prepare you for your second research paper. Your second research paper is due on April 9, 2017. Your paper will be in APA style format. Be sure to have at 4 to 6 credible sources in your paper. Your paper should be 3 to 4 pages with an annotated bibliography. (Look up what an annotated bibliography is) Be sure to choose another topic from the topic list for your second research paper. Research Topics Choose ONE topic from the list below for your Research Papers. allure of scent androgyny Attachment theory beauty pageants behaviorism bipolar disorder birth order body modification borderline personality disorder bullies child prodigies communication differences – male/female complaining behavior concept of self coping c.a.t. program corporal punishment cross-dressing cults cyberbullying deja vu developmental psychology dreams family therapy fear of flying guilt hirsuit–attractive? histrionic personality disorder how music affects learning humor id Indigo children jealousy laughter megalomania memory mind-body connection mindfulness multiple personalities occultism optimism/pessimism peer pressure phobias postnatal (postpartum) depression private vs. public self psychology of music “retail therapy” / “shopaholism” resilience revenge rumors sadism self esteem senses & the psyche short-term memory sibling rivalry sleeping disorders social anxiety disorder somnambulism stereotyping subliminal advertising super-ego twins visual perception.

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