(Solved): Research paper, about the short story Kafka’s “Metamorphosis


(Solved): Research paper, about the short story Kafka’s “Metamorphosis

The idea of the individual as we know it is a modern one. With reference to either Kafka’s “Metamorphosis” or Doris Lessing’s “To Room Nineteen,” discuss the idea of the individual. Your discussion of the story of your choice should be informed by your research on any one of the following: political movements, social movements (eg. feminism), any major intellectual/artistic movements (eg. emergence of rock and roll). What did the movements signify, and how does your understanding of the movement influence your reading of the story? Remember to privilege the discussion of the story, and not let your research overwhelm your writing. Ensure the validity of the source of your research (scholarly or peer-reviewed sources only), and the source (ONE or TWO, not more), should be correctly cited in the MLA style. Your paper, 3-4 pages long should follow the format as mentioned: Word or pdf format (no google doc or other web-based doc accepted) Times New Roman font 12-point font 1.5 spacing I inch margins Block format (no indented paragraph, space between paragraphs) Pages numbered All in-text citations and works cited must be in the MLA format.

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