(Solved): Research paper


(Solved): Research paper

STANDARD TYPING FORMAT. DOUBLE SPACED. MLA STYLE FOR CITING AND LISTING SOURCES. What does it mean to life a good life? Think about “a life well lived,” life lessons, the purpose of life, etc. Choose two of these three reading assignments: The Odyssey, Tao Te Ching and The Bhagavad Gita. You may use all three if you wish, but don’t spread yourself too thin. Analyze each and compare the three that you choose with regard to the meaning of living a good life. You must use three or four different sources. One type of source will be the primary texts, so that makes two. Use at least one more to help you make your argument. You can use any of the secondary source provided in Blackboard. You will also need to provide some historical and cultural background for each of the reading assignments, so that might be a fifth source. The key elements that make a good essay, and therefore the features that I look for are a clear controlling idea or argument, quotes from the texts that support your own lucid, interesting and relevant analyses, and the use of the Modern Language Association style for citing sources and listing them on a Works Cited page. Of course, a strong organization is important. Correct grammar and sentence structure are important. Effective use of transition words and phrases is important. Study the rubric for essays.

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