(Solved): Reply 2 students discussion board at least 450 words


(Solved): Reply 2 students discussion board at least 450 words

APA Reply Prompt: Reply to the threads posted by 2 classmates who supported a different balance, or used a different rationale than you did on at least 1 of the issues under discussion. Identify the points of difference in your analysis and explain how your application of the relevant law to the facts of this situation led you to a different conclusion. Each reply must be supported by 3 scholarly sources other than the textbook/course materials. Each source must be properly cited in current APA format. At least 450 words ****BE sure to use headings in each reply. Review the APA format for the Crete reference*** Focus less on a critique of the writer’s style or structure, and focus more on the expansion of the concepts or new ideas related to the topic. As you work through this analysis, and in particular, the replies to other students, I would encourage you to focus less on a “that is wrong” approach, and more on a “have you considered this…” approach.

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