(Solved): Regression from civilized identity


(Solved): Regression from civilized identity

Write on regression from civilzed identity. PROMPT: Can civilized identity be reversed? Can people regress to a primitive state, back to “the cave,” back to the promordial jungle, and descend into evil or bestiality,either temporarily or perhaps permanently? Use O’Brien’s “The sweetheart of the song Tra Bong”pg 85-110 and “Ghost Soldiers”pg 180-207. Find a research article on what can turn everyday people violent, bestial, and/or evil. You may be able to pull something in from recent newspapers if you think about it, but newspaper articles must be cited properly (and please do not use The Trentonian) I dont know about newspaper article maybe SCHOLARLY ARTICLE… MLA STYLE DOUBLE SPACED, LEFT HAND CORNER MY INFO ,THEN RIGHT CORNER MY LAST NAME AND PAGE NUMBER ALSO A REFERENCE PAGE..I attached the first three pages of each story from the book but cant send anymore attachments.

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