(Solved): Reflection essay on the global business environment


(Solved): Reflection essay on the global business environment

ASSIGNMENT Please write an essay explaining how the economic, cultural, and regulatory aspects of the global business environment affect a firm’s international strategy. In preparing for this essay, please reflect on the readings and cases with an international dimension, especially the session on “Competing in a global environment” (with the case about Wal-Mart stores and the reading entitled “Distance still matters”). Your essay will be graded on an all-or-none basis. That is, an essay will get the full score if it is deemed to be of adequate quality, and zero otherwise. Word limit: 1000 words (plus exhibits, if any). Be clear and concise. Format: Typed and double-spaced using a 12-point Times New Roman font, with 1-inch margins for all sides. Cover page: On the cover of the report, please indicate your name and student number, and a word count of the body of the text (exclusive of exhibits and cover page).

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