(Solved): Reading response


(Solved): Reading response

For this extra credit I would like you to read the short piece in Writing About Writing by Perri Klass titled “Learning the Language” on pages 343-347 Your total discussion should be at least 400 words, so about 100 words per question. This extra credit is worth 4 points to your total score. I will apply it wherever you need it in your assignments. After reading the article, please answer the following questions: 1.) Klass describes entering the hospital as a medical student “in a state of primeval innocence” but quickly learning all the “endless jargon and abbreviations” (paragraph 2). What she is describing is the process of enculturating into a discourse community. How does this kind of enculturation happen in general? What does this concept mean to you? 2.) List three reasons that Klass provides for why doctors use what she calls “medical jargon.” 3.) Klass explains that doctors always make patients the subject of the verb: “He dropped his pressure” or “Mrs. Bacon failed chemotherapy” (paragraphs 4-5). What is the difference between talking about patients in that way, versus saying “His blood pressure fell” or “chemotherapy did not help her”? What role does the phrasing give to the patient? What role does the phrasing give the doctor? What purpose does this kind of phrasing serve for doctors working every day in a hospital setting? 4.) Can you think of your own example of a group that uses such a specialized language? Explain another group that talks or writes is such a unique way, and what specific examples show this?

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