(Solved): Psychological Foundations of Stereotype Formation


(Solved): Psychological Foundations of Stereotype Formation

Its a critique essay. I need critiquing not criticism. I need you to critique the language of the article and the way the author wrote it not the topic or what its talking about. for example, what techniques did the author use, how did he approach the topic. I need you to use examples from the article and reference it at the end in APA citation. I need the essay to be from 1200-1400 words. I need it to be done in exactly 24 hours from now. I need you to follow the exact instructions that are attached. I also attached the article under the name “Article”. These are some notes from me: 1- In the introduction, I need you to just do the general introduction and the authors’ background. I already have the summary of the chapter. 2- In the body, it should be 2 paragraphs (11 lines each). The first paragraph should be evaluating the strengths of the article, and the second paragraph should be evaluating the weaknesses of the article. 3- In the conclusion, it should be mainly about how the author can improve the article. After hiring a writer I will send him/her the article. Thanks

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