(Solved): Prompt- “Domestic Integrity”


(Solved): Prompt- “Domestic Integrity”

Prompt: “Domestic Integrity” Ruth Stone’s poems are set in the mid-twentieth century and early twenty-first centuries. How do her speakers treat the subject of domestic responsibilities? Do you see any correspondences between “The Song of Absinthe Granny” and Glaspell’s play? How does the short story by Helena María Viramontes address the responsibilities that often fall to the females in a family even in the present day? Why does the least feminine of the siblings end up performing the most onerous domestic tasks? Volume 2: Stone “In an Iridescent Time,” “Periphery,” “The Song of Absinthe Granny,” “Second-Hand Coat,” “Names,” “Things I Say to Myself While Hanging Laundry,” “At Eighty-three She Lives Alone,’ “Sorrow,” “Cousin Francis Speaks Out,” “From Outer Space,” “The Barrier,” and “The Jewels” (708-716); Glück “Widows” (1285); Viramontes “The Moths” (1414-1418)

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