(Solved): Professional development.Nursing.. health assessment


(Solved): Professional development.Nursing.. health assessment

Professional Development Please answer the following two prompts in an essay. Be sure to use subheadings to make it clear which section you are addressing. At least two scholarly sources in addition to your textbook should be utilized. Discuss the psychological impact of disasters. How would you, as the primary healthcare provider, care for your patients’ psychological needs? What needs do you anticipate? What screenings should be used? How can you effectively manage transitions, grief, and stress? Identify one high risk population and discuss their special assessment needs following a disaster. What considerations must you keep in mind? Discuss at least two possible complications that could occur in this population and how you would care for these patients, as a primary healthcare provider. Discuss psycho-social considerations for the population following a disaster. only 3 to 4 pages

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