(Solved): Professional development and three year career progression plan


(Solved): Professional development and three year career progression plan

As students continue to learn about nursing from faculty, experienced nurses and BSN curricula that presents new concepts and sometimes challenges old ideas (about health, wellness and patient centered care through evidenced based practice) a reevaluation of ideas about professional nursing and the professional image of the nurse will change. In a few ( 2-3 ) short paragraphs, describe your role development or professional socialization as a registered nurse transitioning through baccalaureate curricula and career development over the next 2-3 years. Include the following: A description of possible change in perception of the professional nurse since entering the program What you envision for your professional role with the accomplishment of the BSN Your plans for continuing education (staff development, CEU’s , specialization) and future plans for advanced practice or an advanced degree as applicable within the next five years and A current health care priority and your role as a BSN prepared nurse within the profession and a structure making the difference.

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