(Solved): Process Post #3


(Solved): Process Post #3

Review the Symposium Presentation samples posted on Carmen and think about them in terms of how you might wish to create your own Symposium Presentation. What ideas does your primary source suggest that might launch your own public Symposium Presentation? Write a short description (200-300 words) of some ideas about where you would like to head with your Symposium Presentation. Your imagined audience for this presentation is a public one, so keep that in mind as you begin to plan. You might use the following questions to guide your thinking about your Symposium Presentation: What kinds of topics, themes, or ideas might I investigate to prepare for my Symposium Presentation? Beyond simply documenting my ARP research, how might I branch into a related area of interest (for example, a presentation on vegetarian practices suggested by a primary source that is not directly advocating vegetarianism)? What related areas or issues does my primary source suggest that are of interest to me? What images have I chosen already (in Process Posts 1 & 2) and how helpful are they in suggesting a direction for my presentation? What visual, textual, performance and/or audio elements might I consider including to add texture to my presentation? How can I ensure that these elements add to rather than distract from the information I want to convey through my presentation? In other words, how can I use these elements rhetorically (remembering the impact of ethos, logos, and pathos appeals)? Along with the written portion, post three to five images that relate to the primary source but are not of the primary source itself. Remember that successful symposium images should: Extend your thinking about your primary source Consider a range of connections to the course theme Engage with one another thematically These images could be of other connected sources, of larger ideas or concepts that relate to your primary source, or of anything else that your primary source makes you think of. For example, if your primary source is a Pepsi commercial that depicts young women and men drinking Pepsi on a beach, two images that relate would be a photo of young people depicted in an Abercrombie poster or an image of a very different kind of beach that might be used for contrast. Both of these images suggest larger concepts behind the Pepsi commercial: the representation of young people and the emotional responses that beach settings can evoke in an audience.

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